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"(Abstract of a) introductory to the course of surgery, delivered on Oct. 2nd, 1888." with: RICHARDSON, Sir Benjamin Ward (1828-1896). "Shakespere and the pia mater, with a note on the originality of Harvey."

By: ROSE, William (1847-1910).

Price: $27.50

Publisher: In [London]:, The Lancet..., Vol. II, No. XVI, (October 20, 1888)., 1888

283 x 199 mm. 4to. 757; 757-758 [ads] pp. (Entire vol.: 36 [ads], (751)-800, 37-70 pp. Illus. Self wraps; extremities lightly soiled. Ex library rubber stamps on top cover and page 752. Very good. FIRST EDITION. William Rose introduced the removal of the gasserian ganglion for trigeminal neuraligia in 1890. See: Garrison and Morton 4863. Sir Benjamin Richardson contributed widely to the history of medicine whose important work, Disciples of Aesculapius, was published in... View more info

"A successful case of laparotomy for perforating gastric ulcer with subphrenic pneumothorax."

By: EWART, William (1848-1929) & William H. BENNETT.

Price: $18.00

Publisher: In:, The Lancet..., Vol. II, No. XX, (November 17, 1894)., 1894

283 x 199 mm. 4to. 1147-1148 pp. (Entire vol.: 42 [ads], (1135)-1196, 43-82 [ads] pp.). 1 fig. Self-wraps. Ex library rubber stamp and ownership signature of Dale Smith on top cover. Very good. View more info

"Aerosporin", an antibiotic produced by Bacillus aerosporus Greer." [With:] WALSH, Robert John & Carmel M. MONTGOMERY. "A new human iso-agglutinin subdividing the MN blood groups."

By: AINSWORTH, Geoffrey Clough (b. 1905), et. al.

Price: $300.00

Publisher: In:, Nature, CLX, (August 23, 1947)., 1947

pp. 263, 504-505 pp. (both in "Letters to the Editors."). 257 x 187 mm. 8vo. li, 916, [supplements, various] pp. Quarter green morocco, morocco corners, marbled boards, gilt spine; rubbed. Ex library copy. Very good. FIRST EDITION. The first item reports the discovery of aerosporin (polymyxin). Written with Annie M. Brown and G. Brownlee of the Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories. Garrison and Morton 1937. The second item reports on the discovery of S b... View more info

"An address on arterial sclerosis, especially in regard to arterial hypermyoltrophy and the other morbid changes which occur in the muscular tunic of the arteries."

By: SAVILL, Thomas D.

Price: $13.34

Publisher: In [London]:, The Lancet..., Vol. II, No. XIII, (September 24, 1904)., 1904

283 x 199 mm. 4to. 875-882 pp. (Entire Vol.: ii, 48 [ads], (875)-934, 49-96, iii-iv [ads] pp.). 1 table, 6 figs. Self-wraps; first 2 and last leaf torn, else very good. View more info

"Besmetting met S. paratyphi B uitgaande van een varken."


Price: $18.00

Publisher: Reprint from:, Overdruk uit het Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde, Vol 76, No. 7, (1951)., 1951

243 x 155 mm. 8vo. 258-261 pp. Printed wrappers; covers browned. Very good. View more info

Image for "Curare."


By: KING, Harold (1887-1956).

Price: $375.00

Publisher: In:, Nature: a weekly illustrated journal of science, CXXXV, (April 14, 1935)., 1935

267 x 200 mm. 8vo. See: pp. 469, 475 (under "Letters to the Editor"). lxvii (index), 1088, v-xii pp. Modern quarter maroon cloth, marbled boards, maroon morocco spine label. Fine. FIRST EDITION. "Isolation from curare of d-tubocurarine chloride." Garrison and Morton 5719. The notorious South American arrow poison curare is a substance that paralyses skeletal muscles. "At first the muscles of the head and the neck are affected, then the legs and arms,... View more info

"De epidemie van paratyphus B (Schottmuller) in Waalwijk e.o. in de zomer van 1950."

By: HEMMES, G. D. & P. J. V. Van WESEMAEL.

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Reprint from:, Overdruk uit "Geneeskundige Gids", Vol 1, (March 22, 1951)., 1951

242 x 158 mm. 8vo. 12 pp. 3 tables. Self-wraps. Very good. View more info

"Der Verschluss retroauricularer Oeffnungen durch subsutane Paraffininjectionen."

By: [Ear] FREY, Hugo.

Price: $42.00

Publisher: [no place]:, Circa 1901., 1901

Offprint. 8vo. (289)-302 pp. 14 figs. Printed wrappers; creased. Author's presentation rubber stamp on top cover. Very good. View more info

"Further observations upon a particular species of aneurysm."

By: HUNTER, William, (1718-1783).

Price: $50.00

Publisher: [No Place]:, Extracted from Medical Observations and Inquiries read August 24, 1761., 1761

pp. 390-414. 210 x 130 mm. Disbound article. William Hunter's "papers "On Aneurysm", ... are still worth reading, and each of them has a distinct place in the advance of medicine." DNB, X, p. 303. See DSB, VI, pp. 568-570. View more info

"Inhibition of the local hemorrhagic Shwartzman reaction by a polypeptide possessing potent antiprotease activity."

By: HALPERN, Bernard N.

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Reprinted from:, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Vol. 115, (1964)., 1964

254 x 186 mm. 8vo. (273-276) pp. 2 tables. Printed wrappers. Very good. View more info

"Longevity of Microorganisms. "

By: SNEATH, P. H. A.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Offprint from: Nature, vol. 195, no. 4842. [St. Albans]:, Nature, 1962., 1962

Inscription: Signed

8vo. 643-646 pp. Figs. Self wraps; a bit wrinkled. INSCRIBED BY SNEATH. Fine. Sneath was associated with the National Institute for Medical Research, London. View more info

"Note on the probable mode of infection by the so-called filaria perstans, and on the probability that this organism really belongs to the genus tylenchus (Bastian).

By: BASTIAN, Henry Charlton (1837-1915).

Price: $23.34

Publisher: In [London]:, The Lancet..., Vol. I, No. V, (January 30, 1904)., 1904

283 x 199 mm. 4to. 286-287 pp. (Entire Vol.: ii, 48 [ads], (274)-348, 49-96, iii-iv [ads] pp.). Illus. Self-wraps; dog-eared, fore-edge chipped. Ex library rubber stamp on top cover, else very good. FIRST EDITION. Henry Bastian was one of the founders of English neurology. He is remembered for "Bastian's law," which states that transverse lesion of the cord above the lumbar enlargement results in the abolition of the tendon reflexes of the lower extremities. He ... View more info

"Notes on vibrion septique."

By: ROBERTSON, Muriel.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Reprint from: British Medical Journal, (May, 1918). London:, Printed at the office of the British Medical Association, 1918., 1918

212 x 139 mm. 8vo. 10 pp. 6 figs., 1 table. Printed wrappers; hole punched. Very good. View more info

"On diabetic neuritis."

By: PAVY, F. W.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: In [London]:, The Lancet..., Vol. II, No. II, (July 9, 1904)., 1904

FIRST EDITION. 283 x 199 mm. 4to. 71-73. (Entire Vol.: ii, 44 [ads], (351)-432, 45-90, iii-iv [ads] pp.). Self wraps; extremities a bit chipped, else very good. First Edition. View more info

"One hundred and seventeen cases of infantile diarrhea treated by intestinal implantation of the bacillus lactis bulgaricus," reprinted from

By: CLOCK, Ralph Oakley.

Price: $8.00

Publisher: [no place]:, Journal of the American Medical Association, (1913)., 1913

8vo. 15 pp. 1 fig. Self-wraps. Fine. View more info